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Cellfie turns Card Not Present transactions into Card Present transactions for Mobile in-app payment and Online payment.
Cellfie addresses the long-standing issues with online card-not-present transactions, such as consumer friction at checkout, CNP false declines, CNP chargebacks and payment data breaches.

Benefits for Consumers

Why consumers love frictionless checkout experience

  • Frictionless checkout: no need to enter credit card number, expiration date, billing address, CVV code, etc.
  • Improved security: no need to store payment credentials except their own phone.

Benefits for Merchants

Cellfie fixes the long-standing issues for online merchants

  • Increasing acceptance rate: by removing CNP false declines
  • Avoiding CNP fraud chargebacks
  • No security burden: by not storing payment credentials in merchants' server or clouds
  • Cost savings: from card present transactions with lower interchange fees

Benefits for Networks, Banks, & Processors

New standard for Networks, Banks and Processors

  • Increased transaction amounts: by removing consumers' frictions
  • Reduces risk of CNP credit card fraud
  • Highest level of security: with authentication from both mobile phone and credit card
  • EMV transactions in eCommerce: with new way of standardization for eCommerce, mCommerce, and Remote Commerce


Cellfie offers a standalone application but also provides a white label SDK to be integrated into various merchant apps, payment gateways and mobile wallets.


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Email: info@cellfiepayment.com
Address: 10400 NE 4th St, Ste 500, Bellevue, WA 98004