Mobile SoftPOS

Accept card payments with your phones without using a dongle or additional hardware.
CELLFIE turns mobile phones into EMV payment terminals using NFC, ‘Tap to Phone’, technology.

How does Cellfie work?

Cellfie allows mobile phones to act as merchant payment terminals 

to accept contactless credit or debit cards. Cellfie works in just three simple steps!

Want to know more about Cellfie?

Payment Acceptance -- Wherever You Go!

Mobile SoftPOS, Cellfie, allows small or micro-merchants to get up 

and running faster by accepting payments virtually anywhere 

a smartphone can go without the need for a dongle or additional hardware.

Want to use Cellfie?

Cellfie offers a stand-alone application, as well as white label SDK, which could be integrated into merchant apps, payment gateways, mobile wallets, etc

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