Mastercard Approves Cellfie to pilot Tap on Phone Solution

January 4, 2021

Seattle, Wash. – Cellfie, a mobile payment solution from Ant & Bee Corporation, today announced it has received approval from Mastercard to pilot Tap on Phone solution.

Tap on Phone solution converts Android smartphones into contactless, tap to pay, and software-based point of sale (SoftPOS) terminals without a dongle or additional hardware. This solution helps small or micro merchants accept cashless and contactless payments anywhere, anytime on the security of an EMV contactless transactions.

“Being approved by Mastercard, Cellfie would cover around 85% of US credit and debit card markets along with earlier Visa approval in July 2020. Since we have been working very diligently with major processors in the US, we are very optimistic to roll out SoftPOS solution in the US market early this year.” said Cellfie co-founder and CEO Julian Lee. “We estimate two billion Android devices are ready to accept digital payments as soon as they download Cellfie Application from Google Play. This is great opportunity for 150 million small and micro merchants around the world to accept debit, credit cards or digital payments with easy and minimum investment.”

Cellfie is software-based POS acceptance solution through the Tap on Phone application, which enables merchants to accept contactless payments on commercial Android devices. Merchants can turn Android-based, near-field communication (NFC) enabled devices into EMV POS terminals, eliminating the need for additional card reader dongles or attachments. When a consumer pays using contactless credit or debit cards, they simply tap their card against a merchant’s Android phone with Cellfie.

Mastercard has approved Cellfie as a standalone payment app and for white label uses, so Cellfie can be integrated into a merchant’s mobile applications. With white label applications, Cellfie plans to work with various players in payments ecosystem, including acquirers, banks, processors, payment gateways, and independent software vendors (ISVs).

About Cellfie (Ant & Bee Corporation):

Cellfie is a Seattle-based fintech start-up focused on mobile payment solutions which provide a consumer-driven payment experience. Our mission is to provide a consumer-driven payment experience using mobile devices. Our technologies enable more secure, convenient payment experiences for eCommerce and in-store transactions. For more information, visit or contact

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